"Tell you what."- Carter Sheldon/Jack Powell

Meet the team.

Jody Gambrell

Student Pastor
Jody has served as student pastor since 2014. His passion is for teenagers to know Jesus and to see the Gospel change their lives. You can usually find Jody taking pictures around the church or eating at his favorite Mexican restaurant. When not at the church, Jody enjoys spending time with his family (usually at a sporting event). His favorite verse is 2 Corinthians 5:21.

Jack Powell

Student Worship Associate
Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Jack joined the student staff in August of 2021. He leads worship at Wednesday Night LIVE, assists with all things media for First Baptist, and leads a Bible study for guys on Tuesday mornings. His favorite verse is John 16:33.

Megan Wilson

Student Ministry Intern
Megan is a student at UA and her biggest accomplishment is being an ambassador for a pickle company! Ask her about Jesus, she thinks He’s a big dill!!

Carter Sheldon

Student Ministry Intern
Hey, I’m Carter! I love Jesus and am excited to talk about Him!