40 Days of Revival: Day 36

Day 36: February 10th, 2019 Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise! Give thanks to Him; bless His name!|Psalms 100:4

a heart of PRAISE


Prayer focus: Speaker

In Old Testament times, there was only one entrance to the tabernacle - the place where one would go to meet with God. Once an Israelite entered the gate into the outer court with his sacrifice he was standing on 'holy ground.'

Under the new covenant, Christ is the gate; the 'one way' by which we enter into God's presence. The Psalmist reminds us here that it is not the act of walking into a physical building or a gathering of the church that we enter into His presence; rather it is in recognizing that Jesus is the only way by which we can come before God. A heart of praise sees the grace of Christ - that by His sacrifice alone we are once again in His presence - and it is in His presence that we are revived and renewed.

In a place of 'ruins,' we most need the presence of God, yet it is in those very places that we often don't feel like we can come before Him.

Remember that it is not by our own efforts that we can stand before Him, but by His grace alone. Instead of being consumed by a list of worries and needs, pause to remember Jesus Christ, and enter into His presence with boldness.