40 Days of Revival: Day 14

Day 14: January 19th, 2019

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.|Jeremiah 29:13

the process of PURITY


Prayer focus: 12th Grade Girls

The Word says that if we seek the Lord, we will find Him.

This is no small promise! The all-powerful, all-knowing God of the universe would allow us to find Him simply because we choose to seek Him out. More astounding - His commitment to our free will is such that, though He desires greater intimacy with us, He leaves this decision in our hands.

As we seek God, we allow ourselves to be known by God, bringing each area of our lives in line with His will. This is the process of consecration. Though we will always face the temptation of impurity as a consequence of sin and our own flesh, by directing our effort to seeking God and consecrating our lives to Him, rather than striving through our own willpower, we gradually develop a resilient purity of character that is the result of true change.

The great revivalist, John Wesley, said, 'In using all means, seek God alone. In and through every outward thing, look only to the power of His Spirit and the merits of His son.'

Heart Check: Is 'Seek God' at the top of my priority list?

What specific parts of my life have I consecrated to Him?

How can I keep my focus on seeking Him rather than striving?